Transportation tips


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Questions to consider when obtaining a transport quote

Are they registered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to deal with international air cargo?
It's important to note that being registered with IATA is not a requirement to handle air freight. However in order to register, transport companies must meet IATA criteria regarding financial and credit standing, physical facilities, professional qualifications and ethical practices.

What is their customer satisfaction record?
By comparing other experiences, you'll soon have a good idea about the level of service to expect and receive.

Do they have knowledge of and experience with your product, desired shipment method, and destination country?
It's important to feel confident that the company you are trusting your precious goods with has already got an understanding of not only any special needs that you may have for your product.  You need to trust that they have experience to handle any issues with processes throughout the transportation at both the departure and arrival side of events.

Does the transport company have an office in your destination market and do the offices have the ability to communicate with each other online?
For efficiency, you want to know that there is both communication and co-operation at both ends of the transaction.

Do they have warehouse facilities, if you need warehousing?
For storage purposes, this could be a crucial factor in your selection process.

Do they have enough staff to handle the quantity of goods and other requirements?
It's important to know that they are scaled adequately to meet demands and needs, and deal with whatever priorities and issues they are working with.

Does the freight forwarder have insurance to cover your needs?
Not only is having insurance important, but understanding the terms and conditions that surround the policy.

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